Since 1996, UNISOFT’s Research Pro¬grammes Division has succeeded in opening up a set of novel research fields regarding the following:

  • Improving businesses and public sector organizations’ productivity through the use of new and innovative ICT.
  • Strengthening UNISOFT’s personnel scientific background in high value-added and knowledge-intensive work.
  • Improving the effectiveness of broader policies (e.g. Health, Public Administration and Regional Development).

Throughout its operation our Research Pro¬grammes Division undertook a successful series of projects, creating more and better jobs for young scientists and researchers, thus covering actions in three main areas:

  •  Making Greece and the Greek region more attractive place to invest and work.
  •  Knowledge and innovation for growth.
  •  Creating more and better jobs.

Specifically, the Research Pro¬grammes Division’s objective is to manage and implement programs that aim at activating the entire workforce of the company and encourage the competitiveness, quality and innovation of UNISOFT products and services.

Achievements of Research Programmes Division

  • For fifth successive year, the EU Industrial R&D Invest¬ment Scoreboard lists our Research and Development investment among the top-ranking EU corporate R&D investors.
  • We are one of the very few Greek ISO9001 certified departments in research.
  • We have one of the highest indexes in scientific / research publications (papers) in Greek IT field.